Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Family arrival

My family arrived on the ship on Sunday. The arrival was more complicated than usual because the ship docked in Ruperts Bay, the one next door to Jamestown. This meant that unloading the passengers took longer and that they were offloaded with hand-baggage only, with the rest of the luggage to follow the next day. This was all because the ship was carrying an urgent consignment of diesel fuel and they needed to offload it as quickly as possible, which is odd because it is definitely petrol we are short of. I'm sure, like most things here, it makes sense to somebody.....

I had the fun of watching my wife go to the checkout with something whose price she didn't know, look in her purse and, judging the likely level, get out a ten-pound note, to be charged only 86 pence.

The chap in the UK from whom I was waiting for the information had his day off on Friday and has now come back to me, so we now have working equipment. Did you know that you can't dial a UK 0800- number from abroad? We did, but apparently our suppliers did not.

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