Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Rock and roll - Jamestown in crisis

... well not really. It is actually fairly deserted and most people are sitting around waiting and watching in case something interesting happens (for 'interesting' read 'someone or something gets squashed'). There's a bundle of rocks perched on the top of the valley which they are dislodging in a 'controlled manner'. As far as anyone can see that involves levering them with a crowbar and standing well back. Apparently last time this happened they spent ages building a protective barrier, then levered the rocks loose, which bounced neatly over the protective barrier and into someone's kitchen. Fortunately they always evacuate so nobody was hurt but I imagine she was a little miffed when she read in the newspaper that the rocks had been 'successfully dealt with'

All part of life in Jamestown ....

[written on 10 February 2005 @10:32. Two hours later we were ordered out of the bank because more unstable rocks had been discovered above us. In the ensuing operation a local cafe ("Anne's Place") and the associated house were badly damaged by 2-3 tonnes of falling rock. Nobody was injured. Another successful operation.]

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