Friday, February 18, 2005


Supplies supplies

On the radio last night it was announced that a particular 'supermarket' (for which, in UK terms, read 'largish corner shop') would have fresh fruit on sale this morning. According to the sign in the window, the shop opens at 9:00. I just walked past (09:10) and: 1) the shop is not yet open; and 2) about 50% of the population is standing in a huddle outside. So if you want to make a fortune in St. Helena, forget diamonds or gold - just get yourself a few kilos of apples ....

Petrol is on sale today with no restrictions, but (it has been announced) will not be on sale at all from Saturday until Tuesday. I don't know what time the petrol station in Jamestown opens (probably 9:00ish, like the supermarket) but by 07:45 the road was blocked by queuing cars.

Apparently there are now onions for sale.

Despite all of this I can't imagine anywhere else I would rather be right now. It's warm, sunny, the people are smiling (still) and the beer supply is not apparently in danger.

And in case anyone in the UK is getting smug about how efficient everything is there, we just tried to sort out a technical problem which necessitated a call to our UK supplier, and was told that the only person who could deal with it is on holiday today and please could we call back on Monday.

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