Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Wire Birds and other fauna

[in reply to an email asking if I had seen a Wire Bird yet]

No wire birds yet, just lots of mynahs, sweet-but-dim birds (some sort of dove) and ferral canaries of various colours.

The mynah that fell into the water-tank has been removed and I now only occasionally get feathers in the bathwater.

The newspaper reported my arrival with the headline "New bank manager turns up for work", from which I infer that this is an unusual occurrence.

Someone has tethered a donkey in my front garden and I came home the other afternoon to find her grooming it on my doorstep.

I seem to have been adopted by a ginger tomcat.

The RMS St. Helena was delayed leaving Capetown because the load of explosives for St. Helena that it was waiting for hadn't arrived in time. I hope the passengers were impressed with that news.

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