Wednesday, February 16, 2005


'You should write a book ...'

[suggestion from a friend, to which I replied]
I may do that ... all the ex-pats here claim to be writing a book but none ever seem to have appeared. I may include the following story:

We needed a new set of keys cut for the bank (for me). The one place that cuts keys is on the other side of the island, so Richard ['old bank manager'] rang him up and checked that he could cut the sort of keys we have and then drove over there to get the keys cut. "Have you brought the blanks?" he was asked. It appears that if you want keys cut you have to buy your own blanks (in Jamestown) then take them out to the key-cutter with your keys for him to cut them. The frightening thing is that they don't think that is in any way strange!

Possibly the reason why people never publish their books is that nobody would believe it ......

Visitors will always be welcome. Suitable gifts would include CDs featuring anything other than Country&Western, batteries that are not out-of-date and telephone answering machines that actually work. Life here can be tough .....

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