Friday, March 11, 2005


A challenge: Invest in St. Helena

You may have realised that I think St. Helena is a marvellous place to live and work. So why, you may wonder, do so many of the Saints desperately want to move away? The answer is, mostly, economic: they believe they will have better career opportunities working in the UK, Ascension or the Falklands.

I personally believe that the stresses and strains of working in London do not make up for the greater salary, but that’s a personal view. When you consider that there are still houses here that do not have an electricity supply, you can see that the island is not, as a whole, rich. The economy here only survives because of funding from the UK which balances the books.

What the island really needs is some sympathetic inward investment. If you have an idea, why not have a go?

As you would expect, the island has an Inward Investment Policy. As you would also expect, the full legal document is a little hard to digest. Although I can’t speak for the St. Helena Government on this, it may help if I set out the main thrust, as I understand it.

I believe your plan will need to show that it:
• Will provide sustainable employment for Saints
• Will help to increase the island’s skill-base
• Is sympathetic to the ecology of the island
• Is not an exploitation of the island for your own pecuniary benefit

If you have an idea that meets these criteria you may be able to relocate here and make a living while enjoying the St. Helenian way of life.

If you want to discuss any thoughts (in confidence) please feel free to contact me at the bank (see our website at for contact details).

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