Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Stay calm, don't get cross ...

I contacted an international money transmission company on behalf of a customer, asking if we could send them funds, from our accounts in London, for onward transmission to their agents in Fiji, for collection in cash by the relative of a customer. As they are the best known name in this business I didn't expect a problem.

Their reply began: “
XXXX is a person to person money transfering company, that means we dont send money to into bank accounts.
” (sic).

OK, I thought, that’s fine, I didn’t want them to do that anyway.

It went on to say that I could call a UK number with a debit or credit card, or “
Take cash to any XXXX agent

My reply was:

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your response, however it does not address my question.

We need to send money to your office in Fiji, for collection by a customer. The money will come from our account in London. We do not have a credit or debit card. Being on an island in the South Atlantic 1200 miles of the African coast, taking cash into your nearest office (Cape Town, I assume, 1500 miles and seven days away by ship) is not a practical proposition.

I assume you have bank accounts in the UK. Could we send a credit by BACS to one of these, so that the funds could be made available in Fiji? If so, what would the charge be and what information would we need to supply?


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